Fully-optimized Cannabis Operations
with LivFree

Operations can make or break your cannabis business. We create an efficient cannabis operation model in collaboration with your management team to reach your profitability goals and exceed industry benchmarks.

Hiring and Training the Right People

The human factor is crucial in the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your crop. The plants and the challenges that arise never take a day off and neither can your team of garden techs. The marijuana cultivation business attracts a complicated and interesting workforce and Livfree is here to help navigate the pitfalls that are so prevalent throughout the industry.

We offer several recruitment and training services for our partners that give you the resources to determine exactly what your overall hiring needs are. We narrow down the search for you quickly, defining the types of employees you need and their level of experience necessary, all the while giving management the tools to train and onboard each new hire to be a successful part of your organization.

Streamline your Operating Procedures

Livfree consultants write gold-standard standard operating procedures that facilitate management’s expectations throughout the company’s organizational chart. We do this with special attention paid toward state compliance and regulations. Get your Livfree SOP blueprints - our true and tested roadmaps to cannabis business efficiency and growth.

The complicated and often misunderstood regulatory barriers of the marijuana industry put businesses that are equipped with legally-grounded SOPs in a superior position to the competition. Having clear, easy to read procedures that include detailed safety information and security protocols, and that cover every facet of the business, is a giant step toward consistency in cannabis operations and ultimately in quality control.

Cultivation Operations
that Yield Top-shelf Harvests

There are 100 different ways to grow marijuana right and 10,000 ways to grow it wrong. Starting on day one, Livfree will identify weaknesses and strengths throughout your facility that will be the foundation in developing your cultivation plan.

From redesigning canopy space and adjusting grow room facilities, to choosing optimal equipment and nutrient mixes, to creating a production schedule and Gantt chart, we will provide the technical expertise necessary to develop a roadmap that secures a future for your company’s success.

Yield Optimization
& Packaging

Cultivation, Extraction, Biochemistry, and Analytics are the four pillars that, when combined, ensure that your cannabis processing methods bring out the best end-product possible. Beyond the consumer product, we ensure that your packaging design represents the essence of your brand and name while meeting state compliance.

Distribution & Wholesale

The fledgling marijuana industry has been sewn together through a patchwork of regulations and compliances. As each individual market continues to grow and develop, businesses have to adapt at a rapid pace to regulatory changes and competition. This has made producers rethink distribution and wholesale to ensure that partnerships and revenues continue to grow.

Livfree is an expert in connecting your business and your products to partners and target customers alike. We have helped build distribution systems for many of our partners, ensuring that their products have the greatest reach in the best markets available.

for Business Growth

Livfree’s cannabis operational benchmarking practices rely on three sources of information:

  1. Regulatory industry benchmarks and requirements
  2. Updated insights from market leaders in your niche
  3. Case studies from our own portfolio of past and current experiences

We ensure that every activity within your operation is continuously evaluated against a number of key performance metrics. This ensures continuous quality improvement and incentivizes growth.

Internal Operational Audits
that Drive Growth

Our extensive experience with production facilities has led us to believe that regular operational assessment is the best way to ensure continuous high quality and maximum utilization of resources.

There are always new areas for improvement within your cannabis operations, and Livfree ensures that you identify new opportunities to drive positive change within your organization through regular internal auditing.

What Kind of Cannabis Operations Support Do You Need?

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