Cannabis Real Estate
with LivFree Consulting

Livfree has experience locating cannabis real estate for numerous investors in multiple states and countries. We possess extensive expertise in purchasing, financing, and designing marijuana manufacturing facilities.

Real Estate

Designed to help you source, license and build the best cannabis facility for your business.

Find the Cannabis Real Estate that Works for You

Real estate regulations and compliance in the cannabis industry are exceedingly complex and vary from state to state. This can overwhelm even experienced cannabis investors and operators. Livfree consultants have extensive experience navigating the complexities of regulations that abound from state to state. This allows for a quicker turnaround and shortened search for property and plant.

Our vast knowledge of facility design gives us an acute awareness of the estimated costs of the renovation and/or buildout of your facility. This gives us an edge that will help you maximize value from an existing property or piece of land. Livfree consultants can support you by drafting negotiations into your cannabis real estate transaction to ensure that the final agreement represents your best interests.

Underwriting Services for your Cannabis Real Estate Investment

We provide technical and analytical support for both feasibility studies and funding purposes of your real estate venture. With in-house proprietary analytics, Livfree is able to underwrite and pro forma a variety of metrics used to determine whether the property is right for you.

Speed in Licensing
and Entitlements

One of the main technical issues in the early stages of the cannabis business is receiving the necessary licenses and entitlements for the proposed property. This process can be particularly challenging if you lack experience in the field. Knowing how to get entitlements quickly will save a substantial amount of money and get your business up and running in short order.

Facility Design that maximizes ROI

Many cannabis startups have suffered due to inexperienced design in both facility layout and mechanical systems. This has come at enormous financial costs and loss of operational time. Both aspects are very expensive to change once operational. Specifically, environmental controls must be done correctly from the get-go, or else crop losses will continue to occur and revenue will fall short of industry benchmarks.

Livfree’s R&D oriented team of experienced cultivators and operational experts can help ensure that your facility design maximizes every dollar per square foot’s potential.


Investors and owners who work with Livfree recognize that it is absolutely necessary to select the right contractor who can bring the facility design to life. Our team understands the entire construction process and the need for your facility to be built on time and on budget while disrupting your existing business activities as little as possible.

Livfree will partner with you to select the right contractor for your dispensary, processing center, or cultivation facility.

Your Assets are in Safe Hands:
Livfree Asset Management

Livfree knows the business and its history. We know the return metrics and the potential for abundant growth. We know the industry’s culture and its players throughout the industry. We know the Real Estate Game. Let Livfree help you manage the muddy waters and increasingly competitive landscape with our Asset Management Team.

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