Our Approach
in Cannabis Cultivation consulting


Livfree’s cannabis cultivation consulting focuses on results that are measurable and superior in the Cannabis industry.

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01Our strategies build sustainable operations

In order to significantly improve the yield and effectiveness of operations, Livfree’s cannabis cultivation consulting approach relies on meticulous research and investigation of the current production process and its limitations. Based on our findings, we develop a detailed strategy for every part of the process to ensure that every square foot of the operational space is maximized to the fullest potential.

02We produce tangible outcomes

The execution of our plans results in significant positive outcomes for your operations. For some, this will mean reduction in losses due to powdery mildew, pest infestation, and regulatory testing. For others, it will show increased profit per square foot. Our objective is to set your cannabis business up in a more advantageous position for maximizing success.

03Bottom line results are the best indicator of our work

Livfree will be your extra line of oversight and expertise in maximizing profits. We will help your business produce larger yields and we will analyze a clear ROI on expenses. The outcome will ultimately be evident in your bottom line, setting your business up for continued growth well into the future.

Over the last decade, the Livfree cultivation consulting team has designed, staffed and operated over 500K SF of indoor grow rooms and high-tech greenhouses along with a variety of hybrid facilities. The processes and products we stand behind represent award-winning, high potency (~30% THC) cannabis that demands the top shelf and the highest prices in the wholesale marketplace.


Livfree cannabis business consulting will reduce your operational expenses while increasing throughput.


Design, Design, Design

The keystone to every successful cannabis operation is a well-designed cultivation facility. Every square foot of canopy, whether it be nursery, vegetation, flower, indoor grow room or greenhouse bay, can be directly converted into dollars. Livfree has demonstrated world-class expertise in design, providing for some of the highest return per square foot of facility in the industry.


The second step is to build a set of protocols that can be replicated across multiple facilities as well as state lines. This ensures quality control of the product from one harvest to the next. This also sets standards for management to properly communicate an efficient plan to its entire production team, with checks and balances throughout the life and harvest of the plant.

Market Research

Livfree’s vast network of operators and producers gives us the advantage of being in tune with cutting-edge scientific research and techniques. By discovering best practices, understanding best-selling products, and knowing the best industry professionals and suppliers, Livfree directly benefits its partners by utilizing this knowledge to develop a clear winning strategy.

We strive for excellence, and that means learning about every aspect of the cannabis industry and its players. Livfree continually challenges itself because our partners deserve the best.

Our cultivation consultants will work with you to design operations that fully meet your business expectations, including the right real estate and facility, the best production technology, the most efficient processes, and everything in between. From the first harvest of the year to the last, we will ensure that you reach maximum profitability and optimal growth.

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