Our Cannabis Business Services

Build your Cannabis Business Strategically, with Livfree Consulting

Livfree is committed to seeing your business thrive. Our cannabis business services are designed to develop a strong foundation to ensure that your financial and operational performances are in line with your business goals.

We founded Livfree Consulting because we saw a pattern of success from the businesses our experts have managed and consulted with over the years and we want to make that success viable for others. We make sure that your have a strong strategic business foundation that results in an ROI that exceeds industry benchmarks and provides a long lasting investment for your portfolio.

Livfree Business and Strategy Services

01Due Diligence

Livfree’s due diligence expeience will ensure that your business is in full compliance with regulatory requirements and up to date with best industry practices.

02Financial Forecasting

Our clients are always one step ahead of the competition because of their sound financial and business performance. The basis for this is realistic forecasting of future returns and setting the business up to meet those goals.


New investors and operators are entering the market every day. We help you build a cannabis business strategy that has a viable value proposition, good positioning in the market, and remains competitive in the long-run.

04Internal Audit

Rules and regulations change constantly in the cannabis industry. We do our best allow you to stay one step ahead of the changes with regular auditing and ongoing quality improvement in performance, reporting, and internal controls.

What Kind of Cannabis Business Services Do You Need?

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