Cannabis Business Consulting for cannabis investors and operators

Harvest Optimization. Facility Design. Operational Efficiency.



A Bountiful Harvest

Over the last decade, the Livfree cannabis business consulting team has designed, staffed, and operated over 500K SF of indoor grow rooms and high tech greenhouses along with a variety of hybrid facilities. The processes and products we stand behind represent award winning, high potency (~30% THC) cannabis that demands the top shelf and the highest prices in the wholesale marketplace.

OpportunityRobust Harvests: Livfree deploys production algorithms that have historically requited prolific yields. We work with our partners’ management team to ensure a thorough understanding of these proven methods while assisting with Standard Operating Procedure updates to reflect the precision agricultural techniques implemented.

Increased Potency: Increased Potency: There are fundamental biotic and abiotic stress-inducing practices we recommend that will boost the THC percentages for each variety of cannabis in the garden. Once you know these secrets, take them to the grave! Each day your lab results come back will feel like Christmas.

Risk Mitigation: The Livfree cannabis business consulting team will custom draft a working integrated pest management schedule that protects your crop, per the regulations of the state that you are operating in. Multiple modes of action will be deployed to ensure the garden never endures powdery mildew or infestation from a number of the usual suspects associated with cannabis cultivation. We aim to ensure each plant makes it to the end of harvest and passes all state testing requirements to maximizing revenue.


Livfree cannabis business consulting will reduce your operational expenses while increasing throughput.

Design, Design, Design

The keystone to every successful cannabis operation is a well-designed cultivation facility. Every square foot of canopy, whether it be nursery, vegetation, flower, indoor grow room or greenhouse bay, can be directly converted into dollars. Livfree has demonstrated world-class expertise in design, providing for some of the highest return per square foot of facility in the industry.


The second step is to build a set of protocols that can be replicated across multiple facilities as well as state lines. This ensures quality control of the product from one harvest to the next. This also sets standards for management to properly communicate an efficient plan to its entire production team, with checks and balances throughout the life and harvest of the plant.

Market Research

Livfree’s vast network of operators and producers gives us the advantage of being in tune with cutting-edge scientific research and techniques. By discovering best practices, understanding best-selling products, and knowing the best industry professionals and suppliers, Livfree directly benefits its partners by utilizing this knowledge to develop a clear winning strategy.

Suite of Services

Livfree cannabis business consulting’s diverse and experienced team provides expert management and operational oversight across a variety of needs within the cannabis industry.
  • Hiring and Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Cultivation Operations
  • Processing & Packaging
  • Yield Optimization
  • Distribution & Wholesale
  • Benchmarking
  • Internal Audit
  • Location/Asset Sourcing
  • Underwriting
  • Entitlements
  • Facility Design
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Strategy
  • Internal Audit
  • License Procurement
  • Regulatory Maintenance
  • Transfer Processes
  • Security
  • Internal Audit

Strategy &

Through collaboration with our partners and industry leaders, Livfree builds sustainable operations that can be measured in real returns for both management and stakeholders. Our cannabis business consultants investigates each stage of the production process and procures a detailed plan for every part of the production schedule. We start with the germplasm repository in propagation and move on to the harvest, to the curing process, and to product recommendations and everything in between. We become an extra line of oversight and a technical expert who helps you maximize every square foot of operational space within your facility.

Case Study

Livfree partnered with a (soon-to-be) public Multi-State Operator on a cultivation operations turnaround, ultimately boosting production and straight-lining management protocols.

Prior to engagement, the operators were experiencing a 13% yield loss facility wide due to powdery mildew, pests, and failed regulatory tests. Within five months this number had decreased to a 1% loss, increasing gross weight of flower per square foot of canopy which substantially rose revenues.

Due to strategy implementations by Livfree, our partner was able to increase its harvests and quality of product while streamlining production. These efforts resulted in an $11MM annual increase in revenues at their main facility alone.


annual increase in revenue


Livfree Consulting is a results-oriented team of qualified experts in a space that needs knowledge leaders. Through collaboration, we were able to better identify key players within our organization and create a reporting and management structure that better aligned with our grow operations. The results came quickly as we have seen record yields and potencies with several strains performing in the 30% THC range. Some strains even doubled in yield performance. The Livfree team has exceeded our expectations, going well-above and beyond, contributing greatly to our bottom line.
Frank Perullo of Ascend Wellness Holdings